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CANLINE-Systems: History and Future

Our specialists are originally from the branch of magnetic work holding and lifting  accessories.

In the sixty years we were asked by can-maker Thomassen & Drijver to deliver magnets which were placed behind vertical conveyors. That way cans could be elevated and brought  down between the various processing machines in production.
Here is a growing specialty for the interference free conveying of metal products and packages.

Were at the time of the first magnetic conveying systems speeds achieved from 100 to 120 pieces per minute, now production rates of 2.400 pieces per minute are quite normal.

Especially in the metal packaging industry CANLINE-Systems is a well-known international supplier of transport systems to both manufacturers and filling industries.

The packaging industry is constantly looking for innovations and improvements in production processes. Current marketing campaigns and competition with regard to packaging type have a major role herein. This increases the demand for flexible production lines which can be converted quickly.
Moreover, packages are becoming lighter and production speeds higher.

By customer focus, application of new materials and technologies CANLINE-Systems is able to offer solutions with a high degree of efficiency and flexibility.



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